Lets play The Three Tag!

Lets play The Three Tag!

Well, here is something I always thought of doing since I started blogging a year ago and nobody tagged me yet so I thought tagging my self. 🙂

Three things that scare me:
1. Losing dear ones
2. Lizard
3. Loads of make up

Three things which makes me laugh:
1. Cute Kids
2. Tom & Jerry
3. Mr. Bean on Pogo TV

Three things I love:
1. India
2. Of course my family
3. Still searching for

Three things I hate:
1. Non veg
2. Religion
3. Habits like : smoking / drinking (wine)

Three things I don’t understand:
1. why students try to suicide when they fail in exams.
2. Why we can’t eradicate poverty when we can print currency.
3. From where does those lizards and cockroaches come when I virtually close all the entries into my home

Three things on my desk:
1. a notepad and pen
2. My mobile
3. my desktop Pc Which I am going to buy within a week or two.

Three things I am doing right now:
1. Doing SEO (search engine optimization)
2. Chatting with some friends
3. Obviously writing this post!

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. Fly a fighter plane like Sukhoi or X-32 Joint Strike Fighter
2. Be billionaire
3. Adopt a girl child

Three things I want to see before I die:
1. Indian companies overtaking US mnc like Microsoft ,IBM etc…
2. 1 Rupee = 45 $
3. complete eradication of terrorism and poverty.

Three things I can do:
1. Talk, talk and more talk
2. Be 24 hours in front of computer
3. Live alone whole life (had nice experience while I was in Delhi)

Three things I can’t do:
1. Find my own mistakes.
2. Eat non-veg or drink alcohol .
3. Start a conversation with a unknown person (Spl: guls).

Three things you should listen to:
1. Your heart and that inner voice!.
2. Music.
3. People who care for you.

Three things you should never listen to:
1. Negative thinkers
2. Your girl friend’s friends (I don’t have one but my friends say so)
3. Office politics

Three things I’d like to learn:
1. Parkour (See this for more info
2. How to talk to a girl without being nervous
3. To say yes I can do it (sounds easy but its not)

Three things I’d like Change about me:
1. My bad habit of face reading
2. Being emotional on each and everything
3. Oops i dont know (you can suggest always)

Three favorite foods:
1. Dal Makahni and chawal
2. Pani puri
3. Khandvi (a Gujrati dish)

Three beverages I drink regularly:
1. Tea
2. Water
3. Strong Coffee

Three TV shows I Like :
1. Left right left
2. Shows about gadgets or science on discovery
3. Swades (I used to see about 10 year ago on DD Metro)

Three people inspire me :

1. Bhagat singh (when it comes to Love for country as well as humankind )
2. Dhirubhai ambani (when it comes to business)
3. Goutam Buddha (when it comes to life)

Three things inspire me :

1. Futuristic gadgets
2. sci-fi movies
3. challenges

Three people I would like to tag:

Have only 3 Bloogger friends so donno they would like to get tagged or not , But I have im’d them lets see if they wanna get tagged. Of course if u wanna get tagged please add your page url to comment .

So here are the three names in alphabetical order

1. Atul Gupta – https://atulgupta.wordpress.com/ – My X-Collegue and a PHP developer
imtiaz– http://imtiazseo.wordpress.com/ – My Collegue and a SEO professional
3. Konda reddy – – My X-Collegue and a vb/asp/.net

4. Saatrang – https://saatrang.wordpress.com/ – My Schoolmate

Hey friends start blogging

  1. nice collection yaar. i m really impressed. gud job

  2. NIce collection on this site.Aaj To Hum Maut Ki Dua Kar Ke Roye HainDobara Aaj Khuda Se Gila Kar Ke Roye HainKyon Na Likh Saka Tu Us Ko Taqdeer Mein MeriYeh Aik Khayal Soch Kar Phir Hum Roye Hain.

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