Flirt SMS Test Message and Flirting Quotes

Flirt SMS Test Message and Flirting Quotes

Tarasti Nazronki Pyaas Ho Tum,
Tadapte Dilki Aas Ho Tum,
Bujhti Zindagiki Saans Ho Tum,
Phir Kaise Na Kahun,
Kuchh Khaas Ho Tum…

Pyar Bhara Ullu Message
You Are “ultimate”
You Are “loveable”
You Are “lovely”
You Are “unique”..
In Short You Are Ullu…

Subha Juda Hai, Raat Juda Hai
Apni To Her Baat Juda Hai
Tumse Bichar Ker Aisa Laga
Jaise Dua Mai Haath Juda Hai
Sub To Ate Rehte Hai
Tum Aao Tho Baat Juda Hai

Deewane Hai Tere Naam Ke Is Baatse Inkar Nahi,
Kaise Kahe Ki Hamein Aapse Pyar Nahi,
Kuch To Kasoor Hai Aapki Nigahonka
Hum Akele To Gunehgaar Nahi…


Husn Ko Chand Jawani Ko Gazal Kehte Hai,
Chahnewale Tujhe Shokh-e-gazal Kehte Hai.
Uff Ye Sange Marmar Sa Shaffaf Badan,
Dekhnewale Tujhe Tajmahal Kehte Hai…

Phoolo Ki Mahakti Fizown Se Inkaar Kisko Hai !
Chaand Sitaro Ki Chandni Raton Se Bhi Inkaar Kisko Hai !!
Hum To Jee Rahe Hai Keval Aapki Khushiyo Ki Khaatir !!!
Varna Iss Gumo Se Bhari Jindagi Se Pyaar Kisko Hai !!!!

Aapki Mehfilka Mausam Suhana Lage,
Ek Pal Chura Lun Agar Bura Na Lage,
Aap Hame Milkar Bhul Jaoge,
Par Aapko Bhulane Me Shayad Zamana Lage…

U R Many Kolometres Away Frm Me.
Still I,M Watching Ur Every Move Thru
3 Different Channels
2.Cartoon Network
3.Animal Planet

C.L.I.C.K. Means :
C= Cant Live Without U
L= Love U
I= I Miss U
C= Care About U
K= Kiss From My Heart 2 U
So Whenever U Miss Me Just Say Click.

Last Night Some Monkeys Came Running To My Room.
They Wanted To Trouble Good People…
I Suggested Ur Name.They Said Oh!!!No
We Can”T Disturb Our Boss… “

Those Innocent Eyes, Those Kissable Lips,
A Great Smile The Perfect Walk, Smoothest Talk,
Absolute Gorgeous, Thts Enough Bout Me… How R U ?

Tumse Milne Ka Mann Kar Raha Hai,
Mann Ko Samjaya To Dil Tadap Raha Hai,
Dil Ko Bataya To Ankhen Ro Padi,
Unhe Chup Karaya To Sanse Bol Padi…..

Yeh Teri Aankhein Jhuki-jhuki Si,
Yeh Tera Chehra Khila-khila Sa,
Jab Tere Chehre Par Haath Fera,
Aadha Kilo Fair & Lovely Mila…

Jiski Ek Smile Par Hai Duniya Fida,
Jisse Dil Na Hona Chaiye Juda,
Jiska Style Hai Lajawaab,
Unhi Ka Sms Padh Rahe Hai Aap Janaab.

Rules Of Life:Assume Nothing,
Xpect Little,Do More,Demand Less,
Smile Often,Dream Big,Laugh A Lot,
Pray Always,Cry Once For Missing Me Everyday.

We’ve Known….Each Other For….
Quite A While Now, Do U Think We Can B More….
Than Friends? Cos I Like U Very Much.
Will U B My Partner 2… Rob A Bank?

Sweet Fruits R Nice 2 Eat,
Sweet Words R Nice 2 Say,
But Sweet People R Really Hard
2 Find. My Goodness,
How The Hell Did U Manage 2 Find Me

Not Every Flower Can Represent Love But Roses Did It.
Not Every Tree Can Stand Thirst,But Cactus Did It.
Not Every Monkey Can Read Sms But Hey You Just Did!
Enjoy Your Day, And Don”T Forget To Smile!

Why Do U Think I Sms U ?
Is It Because I Care ? Or I Miss U ?
Or I Love U ? Or I Need You ? No ! It’s B’coz…
I Need A Person For Just Time Pass.

If U Read This, I M Smart..
If U Save This, U Agree I M Smart..
If U 4ward This,
U R Spreadin That I M Smart..
If U Delete This U R Jealous…

Flirt sms

U Know About My Smile?
It Occurs On Ur Lips,
Reflects In Ur Eyes And Ends
With A Glow On Ur Face.
Actually It Exists Only When U R Happy

If I Could Be Any Part Of You, I’d Be Your Tear.
To Be Conceived In Your Heart,
Born In Your Eyes, Live On Your Cheeks,
And Die On Your Lips.

One Who Somes, Has A Smoky Heart,
One Who Drinks, Has An Alcoholic Heart…
So Dear U Must Stop Eating Sweets…
As U R Already A Sweetehart!

“Love Is A Fire,
But Whether It Is Going To Warm Your Heart
Or Burn Down House,You Can Never Tell”
Return On Money”.

1+1 =2 Eyes Look At U…
12+12 =24 Hours Thinking About U…
3+4 =7 Days In Week Missing U…
1+11 =12 Months I Always Need A Sweet Person Like U.

It Takes A Strong Heart To Love.
It Takes A Stronger Heart To
Continue To Love After It Has Been Hurt…

Always Be Happy Always Be Happy, Always Wear A Smile;
Not Because Life Is Full Of Reasons
To Smile But Because Ur Smile
Itself Is A Reason For Many Others To Smile…

A Smile Is The Best Lighting System Of The Face,
The Best Cooling System Of The Head,
And The Best Warming System Of The Heart.Keep Smiling!

Having A Good Laugh With A Friend
Like You Stimulates Endorphins,
The Brain’s Natural Painkillers.
So, If You Need To Laugh And You Can’t
Find A Friend Like Yourself, I Can Lend You My Mirror.

Life Is Pretty Much Unpredictable.
I May Not Live Long Enough But
I Won’t Miss Out Letting You Know That
Life Is Worth Living With Someone Like You Around.

Log Kehte Hain
Pyar Itna B Mat Karo Ke
Girl Friendsar Pe Swar Ho Jaye
Hum Kehtey Hain Ke
Pyar Itna Karo Ke
Girl Friend Ki Friend
Bhi Tumhre Sath Farar Ho Jaye………

Kya Faaida Hua Hai Ab Intezaar Karke,
Gardish Mein Aagaye Hai..Hum Tumse Pyar Karke,
Iss Daur Mein Wafa Ka..Hum Karobaar Karke,
Sunnat Nibha Rahe Hai..Dushman Se Pyar Karke.

Flirting Is The Only Job In The World
That We Cannot Include In Our Cv…
Despite Of Having Years Of Experience
And Number Of Refferences.

U Must Surely Be Tired.Why, You May Ask…
Because U Have Been Running Through My Mind All Day.

Life Ka Sucessful Moral:
“Pyar Woh Nahin Ke Hum Ek Ko Kitne Saal Taq Karte Hai.”
“Pyar Toh Woh Hai Ke Hum Ek Saal Mein Kitno Se Karte Hai?”

Can You See Me No?
Turn Around, Can You See Me Now?
No? Turn Again, Can You See Me Now?
I Can See You Because You Have A Special Place In My Heart!

Subah Ko Yaad Aayi To Miss Kiya,
Dopar Ko Yaad Aayi To Bahut Miss Kiya,
Shaam Ko Yaad Aayi To Heart Ne Skip Kiya,
Aur Jab Jaan Pe Ban Aayi To Sms Kiya.

If I Write Ur Name In D Sky Wind Wood Blow It Away.
If I Write Ur Name In D Sea Waves Wood Wash It Away.
But Ur Name Is Engravd In My Heart,
Where Nothin Can Touch It!

Love Is Like A Bird.If U Hold Tightly It Dies,
If U Hold It Slightly It Flies.
Plz Take Good Care Of It,
Dont Love One,Dont Love Two,
But Love The One Who Loves U..

Love Can Never Grow Old. Looks May Lose Their Brown
And Gold. Cheeks May Fade And Hollow Grow. But The
Hearts That Love Will Know, Never Winter’s Frost And
Chill, Summer’s Warmth Is In Them Still….

If I Could Give U One Thing In Life,
I Would Give U The Ability To See Yourself Through My Eyes, <br
/>Only Then Would U Realise How Special U R To Me!!

Sometimes My Eyes Get Jealous To My Heart,
Guess Why???Bcoz U R Close To My Heart
But Away From My Eyes.

Yaad Aane Wale Yaad Aae Ja Rahe Hain,
Mere Khyalon Ki Duniya Par Chae Jaa Rahe Hain.
Hum Kuch Keh Rahe Hai Par Wo Chup Hai,
Bas Mera Msg Padh Kar Muskurae Ja Rahe Hai..

A Very Small Degree Of Hope Is
Sufficient To Cause The Birth Of Love….

Love Is Never Lost. If Not Reciprocated,
It Will Flow Back And Soften
And Purify The Heart….

Zindagi Agar Phool, Toh Tum Khushbu Ho…
Zindagi Agar Khwaab, Toh Tum Aarzoo Ho…
Zindagi Agar Jeena, Toh Tum Meri Zaroorat Ho…
Gar Mar Jaana, Toh Haaton Mei Tera Haath Ho…!!!

Love Has Nothing To Do With What You Are
Expecting To Get — Only With What You Are
Expecting To Give — Which Is Everything…

One Day The Moon Sad 2 Me,
If Your Lover Makes You Cry Why Dont You Leave
Your Lover.. I Looked At The Moon N Replied
Would You Every Leave Your Sky?

Ull Always Be Mine 4 Now & 4ever.
Ull Always Be Mine 4 U R My Treasure.
Ull Always Be Mine Please Tell Me Its True.
Please Be Mine 4ever Ill Always Luv U

Kindness In Words Creates Confidence
Kindness In Thinking Creates Profoundness
Kindness In Giving Creates Love….

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  1. Love Can Never Grow Old. Looks May Lose Their Brown
    And Gold. Cheeks May Fade And Hollow Grow. But The
    Hearts That Love Will Know, Never Winter

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