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Some Sms Shayris Collection

Wo lagte hame is jahan se bhi pyare hain,
wo to aise hain jaise aasmaan ke sitaren hain.
Lekin jisko chah kar bhi choo na sake,
kaise keh den ki wo hamare hain.
Nahi pata tha ki zindgi me
aapsa bhi koi dost ayega.
Lekin agr khuda ne bakshi jindgi dobara
to apki kasm vaps ye dil apki hi dosti ko chahega.
Traffic Ad of the year :

Lord Ganesha says

‘Care for ur head.
Not everyone gets
a replacement like Me’

Wear Helmet.
Remember d day v 1st met?
Not knowing each other.
Not wanting to know.
Not even a smile!
Then v started wid a blank smile
followed by formal talks.
Then started wid ji, hanji,daso ji.
Then assigned each other funny names.
Shared our days,hrs,n seconds.
Had long chats n frequent meets.
Shared our thoughts,worries,dreams n fantasies.
2day I want 2 admit
tht whether u realise dis or nt,
YOU my friend,mean a lot 2 me.
Long live our friendship!!
Cheerzz !!
Sitaron ke aage bhi koi jahan hoga
jo na dekha kabhi wo sama hoga.
Us jahan ke sare hasin nazaro ki kasam
aap sa pyara dost dusra kaha hoga.
Aaj ham hain,kal hamari yaaden hongi.
jab ham na honge,tab hamari baaten hongi.
Kabhi paltoge jindagi ke ye panne,
to shayad aap ki aankhon se bhi barsaatein hongi.
YAADON ko Teri HUM Pyaar krte hai
So Janam bhi TujPar Nisaar krte hai.
Fursat Mile to kuj Likh Bhejna Mere DOST,
Sirf Ek Aapke hi to SMS ka Intzaar krte hai.
Sun glows 4 a day,
candle 4 an hour,
matchstick 4 a minute,
but a smile can glow 4ever,
So start ur day with a smile.
Sun Is Switched Off!
Stars Are Switched On!
Blue Sky Goes Off And Black Sky Comes In!
So A Cool Night Is Coming!
Go To Bed And
Have sweet dreams.

To meet,
to know,
to love
and then
to part…
Is the sad tale
of many a human heart.
Mandiro mein hath jode jaate hain,
masjido mein haath felaaye jate hain.
Dosti hi ek jazbaa hai aisa
jahaan hath milaye jaate hain.

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