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Santa – My Wife Died Yesterday..
I Am Trying To Cry But Tears Are Not Coming Out,
What To Do?
Banta – No Problem.
Just Imagine She Came Back. 😀

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Petrol Ke Rate Badhne Par Santa Bola:
“menu Koi Farak Nahin Penda.
Pehle Bhi 100 Ka Bharwata Tha
Ab Bhi 100 Ka Bharwata Hoon.”

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Banta To His New Bride, Preeto,
“now That We Are Married,
Do You Think You Will Be Able
To Live On My Small Income?”
“of Course, Dear, No Trouble,” She Replied.
“but What Will You Live On?”

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Preeto 2 Maid:
Oh Kanta, I Have Reason 2 Suspect That
Banta Is Having An Affair With His Secretary.
Kanta: I Don’t Believe It!
U R Just Trying 2 Make Me Jealous.

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Banta Owned A Factory.
He Issued Orders That Only Married
Men Would Be Employed.
Friend Asks: Why This ?
Bant Reply:
Because Married Men Are More Obedient.

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