Remembering my class mates

Remembering my class mates

Remembering my class mates, after few years,
My eyes were filled with tears,
Everyone now is busy a lot,
No one escaped destiny’s plot

Saw the girl, whom once i thought as my best frnd,
Oops! today she is somebody else’s girlfrnd,
After months remembered about her for a little while,
Heard she is happy,that made me smile.

Project reviews to campus interviews,
Nicknames to last bench games,
Cultural rehearsals to love proposals,
Short term crushes to class room blushes.

Everything is fresh in our mind,
Wish life could just rewind,
Let’s laugh, play & rejoice,
Once again become school/college guys.

Chatting & laughing. We all were in elation,
Till the painful moments of seperation,
When it was time to part,
We returned with a heavy heart.

Today life is full of commitments,
And too many worries,
But those cherished moments,
Will live forever in our memories!!!

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    Prakash S. Sukhramani March 13, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Chemistry ki lab main Jab Pyar hota hai……..

    Chemistry ki lab main Jab Pyar hota hai……..
    To kis tarah lagta hai…..

    Chemistry ki lab main Jab Pyar hota hai……..






    To kuch Is tarah lagta hai…..

    Na Ye Chemistry Hoti , Na Mein Student Hota

    Na Ye Lab Hoti, Na Ye Accident Hota

    Abhi Practical Mein Aaye Nazar Ek Ladki

    Sundar Thi Naak Uski Test Tube Jaisi

    Baton Mein Uski Glucose Ki Mithas Thi

    Sanson Mein Ester Ki Khushbu Bhi Sath Thi

    Aankhon Se Jhalakta Tha Kuch Is Taranh Ka Pyaar

    Bin Piye Hi Ho Jata Tha Alcohol Ka Khumar

    Benzene Sa Hota Tha Uski Presence Ka Ehsas

    Andhere Mein Hota Tha Radium Ka Abhas

    Nazrein Mileen, Reaction Hua

    Kuch Is Taranh Love Ka Production Hua

    Lagne Lage Us Ke Ghar Ke Chakkar Aise

    Nucleus Ke Charon Taraf Electron Hon Jaise

    Us Din Hamare Test Ka Confirmation Hua

    Jab Uske Daddy Se Hamara Introduction Hua

    Sun Kar Hamari Baat Woh Aise Uchal Pare

    Ignition Tube Mein Jaise Sodium Bharak Uthe

    Woh Bole, Hosh Mein Aao, Pahchano Apni Auqat

    Iron Mil Nahin Sakta Kabhi Gold Ke Sath

    Ye Sun Kar Tuta Hamare Armanon Bhara Beaker

    Aur Hum Chup Rahe Benzaldehyde Ka Karwa Ghoont Pi Kar

    Ab Us Ki Yaadon Ke Siwa Hamara Kam Chalta Na Tha

    Aur Lab Mein Hamare Dil Ke Siva Kuch Aur Jalta Na Tha

    Zindagi Ho Gayee Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Ki Taranh

    Aur Hum Phirte Hain Awara Hydrogen Ki Tarhan.

    SO ENJOY IT………

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