Always be yourself because the people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind…

In the cookies of life, your friends are the chocolate chips!

One night the moon said to me, if love makes you cry why dont you leave your lover. I looked back at moon and said would u ever leave your sky

🙂 My darling my love, my beautiful wife. Marrying you screwed up my life :S

A man that has never lied to a woman has no respect for her feelings

Love is like a book… if you tear a page, you rip the heart… and have to pay for both!

I love rainbows I love rain I love you and…um I forgot the rest but I think your hot

That hardest part about moving on is learning not to look back

Why does a rose represent love, when a rose always dies?

Dont steal, the government hates competition

There’s a sparkle in your eye that only i see, and there’s a place in your heart where only i wanna be

Guys are like a piece of gum, when they loose there flavor, you pop in a new one!

Im sugar and spice and everything nice…before you mess with me…you better think twice

2 Friends +2 Gether = 4 Ever!

Please can i have your picture, i collect pictures of natural disastures!!!

When in love, be fair and honest, even when it hurts!

Friends Are Like Stars… You cant always see them but you know there always there

You need to learn the rules… to break them…

I was 2 bad 2 go 2 heaven, but when I was in hell I hit on the devil 2 much

I dont need to dream, I got you!

Born with no soul, lack of control, cut from the mold of the anti-social!

Did it hurt when I fell from heaven? No, but it hurt when they clipped my wings for being the devil!

I cry tears, while you put on a smile, but you you only smile to hold back your tears]]

Trust Me….I hav some funny names…….but i dont think u deserve to hear them

Nothin is more painful then realizing he meant everything to you and you ment nothin to him!


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