My heart is still tortured…

With out a thought to spare,
My life seems incomplete,
since you left me in despair.
I’m tangled up in you,
With the thoughts of our past,
I try not to reminisce
but my mind moves to fast.
In my dreams I am lost in your eyes.
I’m swallowed by your smile.
I’m tortured by your lies.

I’m tangled up in you.
Whatever you have done?
What spell have you cast?
What game have you won?
I’m tangled up in you.
Reminded of your laughter
Not to have forgotten your silence
My heart broken with your slander.
I’m tangled up in you.
Warmed by your kisses
Missing your skilled touch
Casting pennies while making silent wishes.
I’m tangled up in you.
Longing for your return.
Your fingers laces in between mine.
When will I ever learn?
I’m tangled up in you.
But you have since forgotten.
My posts never answered.
Your heart is not wanting
I’m tangled up in you.
Dreaming of our future
Even though you’re just my memory.
My heart still tortured…

Originally posted 2017-07-28 17:51:04.


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