Miss You SMS

miss you sms

Every Tear Is A Sign Of Brokenness, Every Silence Is A Sign Of Loneliness, Every Smile Is A Sign Of Kindness, Every Sms Is A Sign Of Remembrance.

Lessons Of Life: Learn 2 Care, Learn 2 Smile, Learn 2 Cry, Learn 2 Give, Learn 2 Forgive, Learn 2 Share, Learn 2 Trust, N Learn 2 Love & Learn 2 Say: You Miss Me!

My Eyes Are Hurting Becoz I Can’t See U, My Arms R Empty Becoz I Can’t Hold U, My Lips Are Cold Becoz I Can’t Kiss U & My Heart Is Breaking Coz I’m Not With U.

A Simple Bye Make Us Cry, A Simple Joke Make Us Laugh, I Hope My Simple Sms Make You Think Of Me. I Miss U

In My Life I Learned How 2 Love, 2 Smile, 2 B Happy, 2 B Strong,
2 Work Hard, 2 B Honest, 2 B Faithful, 2 Forgive. But I Couldn’t Learn How 2 Forget U…

The Word ‘hello’ Means
H=How R U?
E=Everything All Right?
L=Like 2 Hear 4rm U.
L=Love 2 C U Soon.
O=Obviously, I Miss You!

miss you shayari

The Sun Rises Into The Sky With The Warmest Smile, He Wishes You A Good Morning, Hoping That You Have The Perfect Day. Take Care & Miss U

Wen A Girl Is Quiet, Millions Of Things R Runnin In Her Mind.
Wen A Girl Is Not Arguing, She Is Thinkin Deeply.
Wen A Girl Looks At U Wid Eyes Full Of Ques, She Is Wonderin How Long U Will B Around.
Wen A Girl Answers ‘ I M Fine’ After Few Sec, She Is Not At All Fine.
Wen A Girl Stares At U, She Is Wonderin Y R U Lying.
Wen A Girl Says I Love U, She Means It.
Wen A Girl Says ‘i Miss U’, No 1 In Tis World Can Miss U More Than Her..
This Is Me.. A Girl Saying. . .I Miss You.

Do U Know The Worst Thing Of Life,
“Somebody Have Tears In Eyes Because Of You”:-(
And The Best Thing Is,
“Somebody Have Tears In Eyes For You

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