Miss You SMS

miss you sms

Every Tear Is A Sign Of Brokenness, Every Silence Is A Sign Of Loneliness, Every Smile Is A Sign Of Kindness, Every Sms Is A Sign Of Remembrance.

Lessons Of Life: Learn 2 Care, Learn 2 Smile, Learn 2 Cry, Learn 2 Give, Learn 2 Forgive, Learn 2 Share, Learn 2 Trust, N Learn 2 Love & Learn 2 Say: You Miss Me!

My Eyes Are Hurting Becoz I Can’t See U, My Arms R Empty Becoz I Can’t Hold U, My Lips Are Cold Becoz I Can’t Kiss U & My Heart Is Breaking Coz I’m Not With U.

A Simple Bye Make Us Cry, A Simple Joke Make Us Laugh, I Hope My Simple Sms Make You Think Of Me. I Miss U

In My Life I Learned How 2 Love, 2 Smile, 2 B Happy, 2 B Strong,
2 Work Hard, 2 B Honest, 2 B Faithful, 2 Forgive. But I Couldn’t Learn How 2 Forget U…

The Word ‘hello’ Means
H=How R U?
E=Everything All Right?
L=Like 2 Hear 4rm U.
L=Love 2 C U Soon.
O=Obviously, I Miss You!

miss you shayari

The Sun Rises Into The Sky With The Warmest Smile, He Wishes You A Good Morning, Hoping That You Have The Perfect Day. Take Care & Miss U

Wen A Girl Is Quiet, Millions Of Things R Runnin In Her Mind.
Wen A Girl Is Not Arguing, She Is Thinkin Deeply.
Wen A Girl Looks At U Wid Eyes Full Of Ques, She Is Wonderin How Long U Will B Around.
Wen A Girl Answers ‘ I M Fine’ After Few Sec, She Is Not At All Fine.
Wen A Girl Stares At U, She Is Wonderin Y R U Lying.
Wen A Girl Says I Love U, She Means It.
Wen A Girl Says ‘i Miss U’, No 1 In Tis World Can Miss U More Than Her..
This Is Me.. A Girl Saying. . .I Miss You.

Do U Know The Worst Thing Of Life,
“Somebody Have Tears In Eyes Because Of You”:-(
And The Best Thing Is,
“Somebody Have Tears In Eyes For You

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6 thoughts on “Miss You SMS”

  1. Hum dosto ko bhulate nahi…… Magar aye baat jatate nahi…… Dosto ko hamesha rekhte hai dil me……………………….hum bhulane ke liye dost banate nahi……..

  2. jindgi bhar dost kon kise dil me panah deta hai,
    paid bhi shukhe patte gira deta hai,
    wakif hai hum duniya ke riwajo se…
    dil bhar jaye to har koi bhula deta hai.

  3. Taras gaye aapke Deedar ko phir b dil aap hi ko yaad karta h humse khusnaseeb to aapke ghar ka aaina h jo har roz aapka deedar karta h

  4. kabhi kabhi achanak u hi
    dil ki veeranio ko paar karti hui
    ek awaz aati hai ki
    kabhi kahi koi to ho
    jo sirf mera ho

    jiski tanhaiya mere intzar me ho
    jiski yaado me mera basera ho
    jiske jazbo ko meri talash ho
    jo taaumer mere sath ho

    jiske jindagi me aane se
    jindagi se koi aur khwaish na rahe
    jisko paa lene k bad khuda se
    koi guzarish na rahe

    jo chilchilati dhoop me
    saata-e-deewar ho
    jo sirf mera ho
    bus mere liye bekarar ho
    jo apni muhabbat ka
    afsana bana le mujhe
    jo her sukh se her dukh se
    begana bana de mujhe

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