Love or Lust

Love or Lust

Find out if your boyfriend really loves you or its just lust

friends do share your thoughts how do you know if a girl really loves you or its just time pass or something else

It’s Lust if

  • You start your conversations by looking at her cleavage and constantly think about what it would be like to rip off her clothes and go at it.
  • You’re cant stop seeing her ****.
  • You make a face when she calls.
  • You are never interested in just talking to her or being with her. You would happily avoid her for days, and only make an attempt to meet her when you start feeling horny again.
  • You keep fantasising about other women.
  • Even when you are with her you can’t keep your mind (and your eyes) off the other hotties around you.
  • The moment you have had sex with her you start feeling the irrepressible urge to leave. No kissing, no cuddling and sleeping over; just “I gotta go.”
  • She does not seem as attractive as she use to.

Its Love if

  • You have amazing conversations
  • You just love interacting with her. The conversations that two of you have leave you stimulated and happy and the hours pass like minutes. You love listening to her talk and the chemistry between the two of you is amazing.
  • You always find her beautiful
  • You feel amazing chemistry with her
  • Even if she is dressed in a modest salwar that covers her from top to bottom or you catch her without any makeup on she still looks good enough to eat.
  • You want be with her always
  • Even when there is absolutely no chance of having sex with her, you still love the idea of hanging out with her.
  • You are willing to wait for sex.
  • Even if she tells you that sex will have to wait till marriage, you are still interested in her.
  • You are suddenly more romantic.
  • You are more conscious of your appearance.
  • All of a sudden you develop a taste for mushy romantic songs and like to think about her while listening to them. You send her flowers and write romantic letters (emails or sms’s) and set up romantic evenings at home.
  • You are willing to change for her, be a better man.
  • For her you are more than willing give up smoking for good, or put in more hours at work to get that promotion that has eluded you till now.
  • Her presence makes you happy, and you would do anything to make her happier.

Lust is short lived. So unless its love you will soon grow tired of being with your present girlfriend and will give her up the second someone better comes along. Love, on the other hand, is long term. Even though at times they masquerade as each other, you would always be able to tell the difference.

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