Kiyon Ansoo Beh Gaye !!!





Kiyon ansoo beh gaye aaj bina teri yaad aaye

Kiyon bewajah itni shidat se hum roye

Badhi der tanhai mein baithe rahe

Shayad rone ka sabab yaad aa jaye.

Sawaal kiya,ae dil bata,bina uski yaad aaye

Aaj kiyon ansoo beh gaye?

Dil ki gehrahiyon se ik awaaz aay

Mian yeh ansoo tere nahin

Tere yaar ke hain,tere pyaar ke hain

Jisse na jaane kiyon aaj tum bahaut,bahaut yaad aaye(mkm)



  1. Haan Khalid…

    Kabhi kabhi aisa ho jaata hai…
    k bina kissi vaja aansoo beh jaate hai…

    aur jab yeh hota hai na..
    it becomes very difficult..
    just got to let it go…..

  2. Heeren

    My friend congrats for the new look of the site.
    Its looking great!!
    The addition of the popular posts is very usefull
    and as to the other suggestions i made ,doesnt matter
    they can wait.
    I know how much time you had to spend on this to get
    this far,but i am sure it will pay off in the sense
    that visitors will find it more apealing and easy to
    use and find the shayaris they are looking for 🙂

  3. Amarjeet

    Hi friend.Thanks as ususal for your contribution.
    Kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai na?
    As for the look of the site,yes i think it is a
    much better design and more colorfull.

  4. Hey Khalid,

    what do you think of the new improved outlook of this site?

    • hey friends pls let me know if you iked this look and if you want me to add or delete anything .

      khalid, yaar i need to still do some changes in categories will do asap as per your suggestions

  5. Hi Khalid…..

    luved it..especially this line..

    Kiyon ansoo beh gaye aaj bina teri yaad aaye..

    Kiyon bewajah itni shidat se hum roye..


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