I CannOt StAy AwAy FrOm YoU !

Photo by Joanna Nix

I went to the moon, You ran to the stars,
What is the reason, we went so far…..

Now that all things are, said & done,
U called from the star & said, “Just for fun”.

If it was for fun, then tell me dear
What is the thing you & I fear??

What bout the days, months & years,
We lived together, without any fear,
What bout the days we laughed & cried,
You even forgot, we had a “Smile!!”

So I’ll like to end this small story,
With a wish from my heart;
I wish the moon & star get together,
And hope that,”We never fell Apart!!

Always remember that….
I CannOt StAy AwAy FrOm YoU !

Originally posted 2017-03-23 05:01:15.


6 thoughts on “I CannOt StAy AwAy FrOm YoU !”

  1. heyy woww apki bhoot achi shayari really close touch in my heart. everytime i red this shayari it really make me cry b/c it so nice i’m gonna use in my site or i will show to sameone i love alot more than life

  2. humne socha tha unhe apna baana lenge….
    unki bahoon mein zindagi guzar lenge…..
    par hume kya pata tha aisa bhi hoga…..
    jisse pyar kiya humne woh phir door hoga…..

    hume aapse mohabat tho bhut hai……..
    par apni taqdeer se daar lagta hai……..
    har waqt yeh hota hai mere saath……..
    hum jisse pyar karte hai woh ho
    jaate hai humse door…….

    Daar lagta hai hume apni kismat se……..
    kya pata hum kaal kissi se door hojaye…..
    hum aapse door tho jaana nahi chate……
    par kya pata kismat hume aapse door lejayegi……

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