Funny sms shayris Collection

Sardar on phone:
Doctor my wife is pregnant. She is having pain right now.
Doctor: Is this her first child?
Sardar: No this is her husband speaking !!!

A smile gives red colour 2 ur cheeks,
White 2 ur teeth,
Pink colour 2 ur lips,
Silver colour 2 ur eyes,
So keep smiling
enjoy the colours of life

Birth, Death comes once in life..
Love comes once in life..
Marriage comes once in life..
Why does this bloody “EXAM” comes again and again……..

Boy1:Meet my wife Tina
Boy2.Oh! I know her
Boy2:v were caught sleeping together
Boy1:What the hell?
Boy2.during lecture in maths class

I have lots of jokes in my inbox,
But I can’t send you all of them,
It will take a lot of time,
So I’m sending you just 1 joke
“You are so beautiful”

Boy to Girl:
“Tum to 14v ka Chand ho.”

“Sach kya Main itni Khubsurat hun?”

“Arey nahi !!
Main to Ye btana chah raha tha Tum itni Gol matol ho.” 🙂

It’s the thing that satisfies
ur mind, body & soul!
Do it on bed, on a sofa,
in the car or anywhere!
Do you know what it is??
It’s called Prayer!
God bless ur naughty mind.


Old Age is when you start turning off lights for economical reasons.. Rather than romantic ones… ;->

@Devdas of 2009@

Maa ne kaha Gutka chhor do,

=Abba ne kaha Night package karana Chor do.

=Dostun ne kaha Mobile se balance Churana chor do

=Paaro ne kaha Ganny ka Rus Peena chor do,.

=Ek Din aayega, Jab GirL Friend ke Bachay bolengy:

=Mamu Zara SchoOL tou Chor Do.. (‘;’)

Ek school ki aamaret ko aag lag gyi

school k sab bechay dor kharay hans rehay thay k chalo ab school to nahi ana paray ga

lekan ek bacha

udas khara tha

ek Sir nay pocha

”beta! Tum kyun udas ho

bechay nay masomit say jawab diya

sir aap to zinda bach gaye…!

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