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Friendship Sms

Here are some of the best friendship sms and Friendship whatsapp in hindi and english

Do You Want To Express How Much Your Friendship Value To
You But Don’t Have Any Words To Say? Here Are Some Heart
Touching Friendship Messages You Can Send To Your Friends
And Express How Much You Value Your Friendship:


Not Every Bird Can Dance,
But Peacock Did That.
Not Every Flower Can Represent LUV,
But Rose Did That.
Not Every Friend Can Reach Up To HEART,
But U Did.


Har Khushi Dil Ke Karib Nahi Hoti,
Jindagi Gamo Se Dur Nahi Hoti,
Aye Dost Dosti Ko Sanjokar Rakhna,
Dosti Har Kisi Ko Nasib Nahi Hoti

I Opened My Wallet
And Find It Empty,
Reach In My Pocket
And Found Few Coins,
Search My Heart
&Amp; Found U N Our Friendship,
Then I Realized
How Rich I Am


Without Humor, Life Sux.
Without Courage, Life Is Hard.
Without Love, Life Is Hope
Without Friends Like You, Life Is Impossible!


Kayi Raaz Aise Hote Hain Jo Dikhaye Nahin Jaate,
Kayi Kisse Aise Hote Hain Jo Sunaye Nahin Jaate,
Kayi Dil Aise Hote Hain Jo Tode Nahin Jaate,
Aur Kuch Aap Jaise Dost Aise Hote Hain Jo Chhode Nahin Jaate.


Dil Mein Aansuyo Ke Mele Hain
Tum Bin Hum Bohat Akele Hain
Sab Kuch Chod Kar Tumeh E-Mail Karte Hain
Dekho Hum Kitne Vele Hain
* Vele = Lazy (Vele Is A Punjabi Word)
Har Desh Ki Ek Sarhadd Hoti Hai
Bache Ki Bhi Ek Jidd Hote Hai
Aur Kitna Intzaar Karru Tere Sms Ka
Kanjosi Ki Bhi Koi Hadd Hoti Hai
Kayi Raaz Aise Hote Hain Jo Dikhaye Nahi Jaate
Kayi Kisse Aise Hote Hain Jo Sunaye Nahi Jaate
Kayi Dil Aise Hote Hain Jo Tode Nahi Jaate
Aur Kuch Aap Jaise Dost Aise Hote Hain Jo Chodo Nahi Jaate.
Yaad Karte Hai Tumhe Tanhai Mein,
Dil Dooba Hai Gamo Ki Gehrai Mein,
Hume Mat Dhoondna Duniya Ki Bhid Mein,
Hum Millenge Tumhe Tumhari Parchaai Mein…..
Humse Door Jayoge Kaise,
Dil Se Hume Bhulayoge Kaise,
Hum To Vo Khusboo Hain Jo Aapki Saanso Mein Baste Hain,
Khud Ki Saanso Ko Rok Payoge Kaise
Har Baar Dil Se Yeh Paigaam Aaye
JubaaN Kholu To Tera He Naam Aaye
Tum He Kyon Bhaye Dil Ko Kya Malum
Jab Nazroo Ke Saamne Haseen Tmaam Aaye
Mere Dil, Jiger, Kidney, Liver Ho Tum
Waqt-Bewaqt Aaye Vo Fever Ho Tum
Doob Kar Jisme Marr Jayu Vo River Ho Tum
Mere Jeevan Mein Ab To Forever Ho Tum…
You Must Be A Good Runner Because You Are
Always Running In My Mind, You Must Be A Good Thief Because You Have Stolen My Heart, And I Am Always A Bad Shooter
Because I Miss You Always…
Shaam Hote Hii Ye Dil Udaas Hota Hai
Toote Khwaboo Ke Siwa Kuch Na Pass Hota Hai
Tumahri Yaad Aise Waqt Bohat Aati Hai
Bandar Jab Koi Aas-Paas Hota Hai..
Door WaadiyoN Mein Dhundley Badal Chupkar Parvat Se Milne Ka Intzaar Karte Hain, Dil Mein Tamaam HasarteiN Liye Hum Aapka Intzaar Karte Hain
Love A Friend Who Even Hurts U
But Never Hurt A Friend Who Loves U
Sacrifice Everything For A Friend
But Never Sacrifice A Friend For Anything..

Some Friends For Get,
Some Move Away,
Some Keep Silent,
Some Just Change But I M Not One Of Them.
I Am Here Just For 2 Moments
Now And Forever..

The Ball Can Escape From Bat,
The Rat Can Escape From Cat,
But U Cannot Escape From
“My Heart” U’ll Always Be My Good Friend”

In Life..
Some Know U
Some Remember U
Some Like U
Some Understand U
Some Care 4u
A True Frnd Does All Above &Amp;
Always Hopes D Best 4u..

Having A Crush Is Sweet,
Falling In Love Is Exciting,
Having A Heart Break Shocks,
Having A Friend Like U Totally Rocks

“I Value My Friends More Than I Value My Life..
So When I Say U R My Friend,
It’s Just As Gud As Saying U R My Life..”

Rule Of Boys:
“Phulo Ki Mahak Ko Churaya Nahi Jata,
Kitni Bhi Soni Ho Girlfrnd Apni,
Dusro Ki Girlfrnd Ko Bhulaya Nahi Jata..!!”

Another Moon? “ Possible
Another Sun? “ Possible
Another Sky? “ Possible
Another Friend Like U? “ Impossible
B’coz God Can’t Make D Same Mistake

Sms Doesn’t Only Mean
But It Also Means
Like U..


Gud Way To Differentiate Love N Frndship:

“Widout U I Can’t Live”
Is Love

“U Must Live, I M Wid U”
Is Frndshp


Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone.

Doesn’t Mean I’m Dead.

Deep In My Heart Anywhere, Anytime
U Are, Always Remembered &Amp; Cared

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