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valentine poems – i Smile For You

Hi all ,

so from today onwards till 14 Feb valentine’s day i am going to post some Love poems for u .yeah all are collected from diff sources with dure credit to author.
So here is the first one .

You have unlocked my heart,
My love now flows forever.
What we have is scared,
And will change us for the better.

You are my hearts desire,
The one which I adore.
My eyes are seeing happiness,
My heart sees even more.

Looking to the future,
With a smile now on my face.
I no longer see the bleakness,
But growing love at such a pace.

I have waited such a long time,
To find a love like you.
Now that you are with me,
I’ll have love in all I do.

In the week that I have known you,
I was scared you were a dream.
But now I know you are for real,
I’m the cat which has the cream.

Our love will last forever,
Of that I am so sure.
Two families come together,
With a love which is so pure.

Originally posted 2017-05-15 12:23:24.