10 Most Romantic Places In The World

10 Most Romantic Places In The World

Most people are dreaming about some really romantic vacation, with sunny beaches, where sun is shining, and where they don’t have any worries. Well, if you are one of them, these are places just for you! Here is a selection of most romantic places in the world. Well, take a look, and get prepare for the upcoming summer vacation! Enjoy


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1. Oia, Santorini (Oia, Santorini), Greece. The ideal place where you can contemplate the sunset.

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2. Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal), India. Excursion to the royal residence in India, is itself an unforgettable experience. Taj Mahal is a magnificent palace with a facade of white marble, which at sunset is painted charming shades of pink.

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3. Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. In recent years, cruise on the Nile was one of the best choices for a honeymoon. What could be more romantic than a sunset that illuminates the pyramid of Cheops at Giza – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, have come down to us.

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4. Maldives. Take cover on the island away from prying eyes. Why not? You need only 15 minutes to get around his foot. This paradise, including palm trees and white sand dunes. You will be able to walk on board a traditional Maldivian dhonis (dhoni) with a glass bottom around the island. The glass bottom allows us to consider the beauty of the underwater world in detail and make fantastic photos.

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5. Marrakech (Marrakech), Morocco. Several hours of flight, and you are in another world. Marrakech – the heart of Morocco, also called “red city”. Here you can see the acrobats, storytellers, dancers, musicians and singing at sunset in conjunction with tropical aromas of flowers will add shades of romantic mysticism in your journey.

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6. Sydney (Sydney), Avstraliya.V this city has many charming places in which so pleased to make an offer hands and hearts: the beach, harbor, Opera House.

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7. Isola Bella (Isola Bella), Taormina, Italy. Island in Italy, which fully justifies its name (beautiful island). This is a real explosion of bright colors that vary from season to season, creating beautiful landscapes.

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8. The road of love. Cinque Terre (Cinque Terre), Italy. The first tourists who visit here, were so enchanted by the romance of the place that the title “The Way of Love” was born of itself. But remember that walk on this path can only have married, as the Italian will take, this trip would bring about misfortune for lovers

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9. Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon), Arizona, USA. Grand Canyon of the Colorado River – one of the deepest canyons in the world. Its steep walls painted in yellow-orange stripes are marine sediments, frozen in solid masses. The romantic aura of this place betray the Indian legends, images from films and cultural treasures of the reserve.

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10. Central Park New York (Central Park). This is one of the most famous parks in the world. Why not assign it a date? The most beautiful park in the autumn when the trees change their color

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  1. hello i was wondering if anyone has been to north africa?,or specifically Morocco? Would love to hear from anyone who spent their holiday’s there, many thanks!

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