Jab Bhi Tuje Sochti Hui

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Yaad Shayari

Kyo jab bhi tuje sochti hu
Barsaat hoti hai,
Baraste pani sa yaad judthi hai,
Dil phir sochta hai tuje,
Kya abhi bhi kuch baki hai,
Har kushi hai tere pass,
Phir bhi kyoi udassi mahsoos hoti hai,
Dil ka ristha nahi hai ye,
Phir bhi dil se nikalta kyoi nahi,
Khali pan bartha kyo nahi,
Shayad barastha pani ehsaas dilta hai, tu saath hai dur nahi . . . . .

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2 comments on “Jab Bhi Tuje Sochti Hui”

  1. unknown says:

    Hi Rupam

    please don’t give up, give her sometime to your relationship and all the misunderstandings will resolve slowly!!!

    Therefore keep trying i am sure you will make her happy again !!

  2. RUPAM says:

    Hello friends can anyone help me I love one girl very much but due to some misunderstanding she is not talking to me and whenever i am trying to call her she is just disconnecting my call…How can I make her happp..

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