Hindi Diwali SMS 2013

Send your warmest Diwali SMS to your family and friends this coming Diwali Festival. Make it more heartfelt. Your recipient would surely appreciate your thoughts in this festival of light. Wish them all the best. Send them your warmest greetings. Here are some inspirational and heartfelt Hindi Diwali SMS that you can write and send

mujhe afsos nahi iska- from manya

Hi all, i was just browsing my comments and found one beautiful poem in hindi from manya http://emotions-life.blogspot.com/2007/02/blog-post_09.html great site and lot of gud poems i am posting that poem here and request you to please visit her site also मुझे अफ़सोस नहीं इसका.. की मैं राह हूं केवल… किसी की मंज़िल नहीं… गम है

Hindi Valentine’s Day SMS – Hume har kadam per aapki Zarurat hai

Apke aane se zindagi kitni Khubsurat hai, Dil me basi hai jo wo apki hi Surat hai, Door jaana nahi humse kabhi bhulkar bhi, Hume har kadam per aapki Zarurat hai. Happy Valentine’s Day! ””””””””””””””””””””” To all my friends who are committed: Happy Valentine’s Day….. And To all my friends who r single, Happy Independence