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Yeh Ishq Hi Hai Shayad…..

Yeh Ishq Hi Hai Shayad Kai Haste Haste Ankhoun Se, Ansu Chalak Se Jate Hain, Jitna Tumhai Bhulate Hain, Tum Or Yaad Aate Ho, Tum Or Hamein Satate Ho, Mera Dil Kai Khamosh Samandar Ko Tum Bekarar Kar Jate Ho, Dor Kharay Jese Mere Ghamoun Pe Muskurate Ho, Nazar Se Ghayab Ho Lekin As Pas

33 Facts about Guyz

A must Read for Girls *Belive it or not……..Its True Guys like their gadgets & bikes more than a girl. Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls. When a guy says he doesn’t understand you, it simply means you’re not thinking the way he is. Guys may be flirting

A Real Hero On Road Story

Suvendu Roy of Titan Industries shares his inspirational encounter with a rickshaw driver in Mumbai: Last Sunday, my wife, kid, and I had to travel to Andheri from Bandra. When I waved at a passing auto rickshaw, little did I expect that this ride would be any different. As we set off, my eyes fell

Sweet Shayaris

Bahon me le lo mujhko ….K tanha hoon main. Dhadkan me basa lo mujhko ….K tanha hoon main. Tum nahi jo…Jahan mein kuch bhi nahi, Mujh me sama jao…k tanha hoon main. **** Phool ki tarah haste raho …To hum khush hain. Dil kholkar jiya karo …To hum khush hain. Ye nahi kehte k hame

pallavi’s tag post

Hi friends, Hope u all remember my tag post lets-play-the-three-tag so my new blogger friend and no more a guest on my blog Pallavi is interested in getting tagged . So here are the tags and answers. Three things that scare me: 1. Losing dear ones 2. Falling in Love 3. Betrayal Three things which

Koi Anjana Mil Gaya…

Khush The Akele Safar Me Hum, Koi Anjana Mil Gaya Sath Chala Yu Aisa Laga Zamana Mil Gaya Chalt-Chalte Hua Wo Meharwan Hum Pe Kuch Is Tarah Jaise Kisi Behte Hue Sagar ko Kinara Mil Gaya Kuch Der Chala Safar Me Sath Mere Jaise Pyar Diwana Mil Gaya Manzil Alag Hai Hamari, Mushkil Hai Safar